The Architecture of Complexity: Hierarchic Systems

This chapter contains sections titled: Hierarchic Systems, Social Systems, Biological and Physical Systems, Symbolic Systems, The Evolution of Complex Systems, Biological Evolution, Evolution of Multi-Cellular Organisms, Problem Solving as Natural Selection, The Sources of Selectivity, On Empires and Empire Building, Conclusion: The Evolutionary Explanation of Hierarchy, Nearly Decomposable Systems, Near Decomposability of Social Systems, Physicochemical Systems, Some Observations on Hierarchic Span, Summary: Near Decomposability, Biological Evolution Revisited, The Description of Complexity, Near Decomposability and Comprehensibility, Simple Descriptions of Complex Systems, State Descriptions and Process Descriptions, The Description of Complexity in Self-Reproducing Systems, Ontogeny Recapitulates Phylogeny, Summary: The Description of Complexity, Conclusion