Methods of theoretical physics

Allis and Herlin Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics Becker Introduction to Theoretical Mechanics Clark Applied X-rays Collin Field Theory of Guided Waves Evans The Atomic Nucleus Finkelnburg Atomic Physics Ginzton Microwave Measurements Green Nuclear Physics Gurney Introduction to Statistical Mechanics Hall Introduction to Electron Microscopy Hardy and Perrin The Principles of Optics Harnwell Electricity and Electromagnetism Harnwell and Livingood Experimental Atomic Physics Harnwell and Stephens Atomic Physics Henley and Thirring Elementary Quantum Field Theory Houston Principles of Mathematical Physics Hund High-frequency Measurements Kennard Kinetic Theory of Gases Lane Superfluid Physics Leighton Principles of Modern Physics Lindsay Mechanical Radiation Livingston and Blewett Particle Accelerators Middleton An Introduction to Statistical Communication Theory Morse Vibration and Sound Morse and Feshbach Methods of Theoretical Physics Muskat Physical Principles of Oil Production Present Kinetic Theory of Gases Read Dislocations in Crystals Richtmyer, Kennard, and Lauritsen Introduction to Modern Physics Schiff Quantum Mechanics Seitz The Modern Theory of Solids Slater Introduction to Chemical Physics Slater Quantum Theory of Matter Slater Quantum Theory of Atomic Structure, Vol. I Slater Quantum Theory of Atomic Structure, Vol. II Slater Quantum Theory of Molecules and Solids, Vol. 1 Slater and Frank Electromagnetism Slater and Frank Introduction to Theoretical Physics Slater and Frank Mechanics Smythe Static and Dynamic Electricity Stratton Electromagnetic Theory Thorndike Mesons: A Summary of Experimental Facts Townes and Schawlow Microwave Spectroscopy White Introduction to Atomic Spectra