Computational intelligence PC tools

Computational intelligence is an emerging field in computer science which combines fuzzy logic, neural networks, and genetic algorithms for a flexible yet powerful approach to scientific computing. Because computational intelligence combines three interrelated, mathematically-based tools, it has a wide variety of applications, from engineering and process control to experts systems. This book takes a hands-on, desktop-applications approach to the topic, featuring examples of specific real-world implementations and detailed case studies, with all pertinent code and software included on a floppy disk packaged with the book. Features: * Concise introduction to the concepts of fuzzy logic, neural networks, and genetic algorithms, and how they relate to one another within the context of computational intelligence. * Computational intellignece applications, including self-organizing feature maps, fuzzy calculator, evolutionary programming, and fuzzy neural networks. * Detailed case studies from engineering (F-16 flight system), systems control (mass transit scheduling), and medicine (appendicitis diagnosis). * Windows floppy disk with both source code and executable, self-contained programs for desktop implementation of all of the book's applications.