Problem Definitions and Evaluation Criteria for the CEC 2005 Special Session on Real-Parameter Optimization

Single objective optimization algorithms are the basis of the more complex optimization algorithms such as multi-objective optimizations algorithms, niching algorithms, constrained optimization algorithms and so on. Research on the single objective optimization algorithms influence the development of these optimization branches mentioned above. In the recent years various kinds of novel optimization algorithms have been proposed to solve real-parameter optimization problems. Eight years have passed since the CEC'05 Special Session on Real-Parameter Optimization [1]. Considering the comments on the CEC'05 test suite received by us, we propose to organize a new competition on real parameter single objective optimization. In the CEC'13 test suite, the previously proposed composition functions [2] are improved and additional test functions are included. This special session is devoted to the approaches, algorithms and techniques for solving real parameter single objective optimization without making use of the exact equations of the test functions. We encourage all researchers to test their algorithms on the CEC'13 test suite which includes 28 benchmark functions. The participants are required to send the final results in the format specified in the technical report to the organizers. The organizers will present an overall analysis and comparison based on these results. We will also use statistical tests on convergence performance to compare algorithms that eventually generate similar final solutions. Papers on novel concepts that help us in understanding problem characteristics are also welcome.

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