An Improved MCPSO with Center Communication

This paper proposes an improved multi-swarm cooperative particle swarm optimizer with center communication (MCPSO-CC) based on our previous proposed MCPSO algorithm, which enhances the particles based on the experience of master swarm and slave swarms. In our original MCPSO, there is no information sharing among slave swarms except that the information of the best performing particle is broadcasted to the master swarm. To deal with this issue in MCPSO-CC the population is divided into several identical sub-swarms and a center communication strategy is used to transfer the information among all the sub-swarms. To demonstrate the efficiency of the proposed MCPSO-CC algorithm, its performance is compared with SPSO and MCPSO on four well-know benchmark functions. Experimental results show that MCPSO-CC achieves not only better solutions but also faster convergence.

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