Multiresolution image processing and analysis

I Image Pyramids and Their Uses.- 1. Some Useful Properties of Pyramids.- 2. The Pyramid as a Structure for Efficient Computation.- II Architectures and Systems.- 3. Multiprocessor Pyramid Architectures for Bottom-Up Image Analysis.- 4. Visual and Conceptual Hierarchy - A Paradigm for Studies of Automated Generation of Recognition Strategies.- 5. Multiresolution Processing.- 6. The Several Steps from Icon to Symbol Using Structured Cone/ Pyramids.- III Modelling, Processing, and Segmentation.- 7. Time Series Models for Multiresolution Images.- 8. Node Linking Strategies in Pyramids for Image Segmentation.- 9. Multilevel Image Reconstruction.- 10. Sorting, Histogramming, and Other Statistical Operations on a Pyramid Machine.- IV Features and Shape Analysis.- 11. A Hierarchical Image Analysis System Based Upon Oriented Zero Crossings of Bandpassed Images.- 12. A Multiresolution Representation for Shape.- 13. Multiresolution Feature Encodings.- 14. Multiple-Size Operators and Optimal Curve Finding.- V Region Representation and Surface Interpolation.- 15. A Tutorial on Quadtree Research.- 16. Multiresolution 3-d Image Processing and Graphics.- 17. Multilevel Reconstruction of Visual Surfaces: Variational Principles and Finite-Element Representations.- VI Time-Varying Analysis.- 18. Multilevel Relaxation in Low-Level Computer Vision.- 19. Region Matching in Pyramids for Dynamic Scene Analysis.- 20. Hierarchical Estimation of Spatial Properties from Motion.- VII Applications.- 21. Multiresolution Microscopy.- 22. Two-Resolution Detection of Lung Tumors in Chest Radiographs.- Index of Contributors.