Kinetic logic : a Boolean approach to the analysis of complex regulatory systems : proceedings of the EMBO course "Formal analysis of genetic regulation," held in Brussels, September 6-16, 1977

I: Verbal description of two well-documented genetic circuits: the lactose system in the bacterium E. coli and immunity in bacteriophage lambda.- II: The molar behaviour of cells in development.- III: Assessing the probable regulatory structures and dynamics of the metazoan genome.- IV: Combinational systems.- V: Sequential systems.- VI: Kinetic logic: a boolean analysis of the dynamic behavior of control circuits.- VII: The dynamic behaviour of boolean systems comprising feedback loops.- VIII: Delphin: a logical machine with incrementable phase delays.- IX: Computer programs for simulation of logical models.- X: Net structures for sequential logic.- XI: Mathematical aspects of biological regulatory processes.- XII: On the relation between boolean methods and the theory of finite Markov chains.- XIII: Stochastic models of cellular variability.- XIV: Comparative analysis of negative loops by continuous, boolean and stochastic approaches.- XV: How to deal with more than two levels.- XVI: General discussion on the simplifying assumptions in methods using logical, stochastic or differential equations the ranges of applicability and the complementarity of the approaches.- XVII: Some biological examples.- XVIII: Boolean formalism and urban development.- XIX: Numerical models of oscillating genetic signals.- XX: A model for the achievement of accuracy in biology and economy.- XXI: Serial thresholds and homeotic variation.- XXII: An application of catastrophe theory to the study of a switch in Dictyostelium discoideum.- XXIII: Boolean approach of a prey-predator system.